LuxCoat EPO-BASE SL100 (30L KIT)

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100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Heavy Duty Epoxy

Designed for use as a base, body coat, and top Coat, LuxCoat EPO-BASE SL100 (30L KIT) boasts exceptional self-levelling properties. It is well-suited for flood, glaze, and metallic or pearl body coats, and can even be paired with aggregates or sands for patching, rendering, or cove mixing.

  • Tolerant to moisture (RH < 85%)
  • Applied typically at 200 Microns
  • Technical Pot Life 45 mins
  • Finish: Clear / Pigmented
  • Gloss: High Gloss
  • Tack Dry after 3 hours @ 25°C Substrate Temp
  • Hard Dry after 4 hours @ 25°C Substrate Temp
  • Full Cure (99%) 5 hours @ 25°C Substrate Temp
  • Minimum Recoat Time 4 hours @ 25°C Substrate Temp
  • Maximum Recoat Time 4 weeks @ 25°C Substrate Temp
  • Aliphatic chemistry resists colour change
  • Can be tinted with LuxCoat Reactive Pigment Pack
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