Hychem PU100 (Gloss)

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HYCHEM PU100 is a clear, two-component, water-based polyurethane sealer with good anti-slip properties. It is available in both a gloss and a low sheen finish. HYCHEM PU100 is used as a scratch resistant, clear, non-yellowing sealer for concrete surfaces to produce a variety of finishes from low sheen to high gloss. The product is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and is generally used in conjunction with HYCHEM 100W as the surface primer. HYCHEM PU100 is also used as a clear, UV stable surface sealer for pigmented HYCHEM WE 90 epoxy coating when used in external situations.


• Excellent scratch and wear resistance – highly durable and long lasting
• UV resistance – will not yellow when exposed to direct sunlight
• Low / no odour – does not taint food
• Water-based – non-flammable and environmentally friendly
• Easy application – by roller or airless spray for fast installation

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